How Azure cloud backup could benefit your school

How Azure cloud backup could benefit your school

Cloud computing is helping to revolutionise how schools and colleges interact with their data. Never before has collaborative working been easier thanks to the fact that a school or college can quickly and easily access and share their data. Microsoft Azure offers schools and other educational organisations the chance to create a streamlined workflow for students and teachers alike, but it also presents many benefits when it comes to storage and backup too. Here we discuss how Azure cloud backup could benefit your school.

Microsoft Azure in the education sector

With technology for schools advancing, the education sector can benefit from securing their essential data with Microsoft Azure and backing it up simply by storing a copy of it in the cloud. Despite the convenience, there are some difficulties when it comes to schools migrating their network operations to the cloud in bulk. Whether it’s legacy infrastructure or sensitive information, there are obstacles to migration which often result in schools keeping data on their own internal network. If that’s the case at your school, you may want to consider Microsoft Azure’s Hybrid Cloud solution.

Hybrid Cloud

Initially set up in 2016, the Hybrid Cloud solution creates a duplicate image of the local network data. It then copies the data to the public cloud and updates itself whenever changes are made to the local network. It means school network administrators no longer have to worry about performing time consuming manual backups. Instead it is done automatically and ensures the school is protected from any potential data losses.

Should the worst occur, a fully updated copy of all your data will be ready and waiting for you in the cloud.  Ultimately, the Hybrid Cloud solution from Azure is ideal for school and college staff and pupils because they will benefit from the convenience the cloud brings, whilst taking advantage of their fast local network. Put simply, it offers the best of both worlds.

Azure cloud backup can help cut costs

With a lot of educational facilities subject to budget cuts, a cloud backup solution such as the one Microsoft Azure provides can also cut costs and increase staff productivity. In the event of the school or college ever deciding to pull out of the cloud, they will still have a physical infrastructure to build on. It also gives schools or colleges the power to add additional cloud servers as and when they need them without any initial outlay or downtime on their physical infrastructure.

Azure cloud backup – where to find out more

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