Why schools and colleges NEED experienced ICT Providers

Why schools and colleges NEED experienced ICT Providers

As you know, data breaches are occurring at a record rate, and it is essential to partner with an experienced IT provider that specialises in keeping schools and colleges secure from these threats. An experienced education specific support provider is going to help schools and academies remain safe and protected. In this article we look at why schools and colleges need experienced ICT providers and show you just a few ways that an experienced education ICT provider can keep your data secure.

Data Encryption

One of the best ways to prevent a data breach is through the use of encryption. Encryption is simply an added layer of protection as it requires a unique pin or password number to gain access to sensitive files or information.

The right IT support will ensure that each student and staff file is protected where needed, which will prevent hackers from gaining easy access to this data.

Two-factor Authentication

Another effective security measure is the use of two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication requires a student or staff member at the school or college to enter a password while also sending a code to another device that is also associated with that user.

Typically, the code is sent to an email address or a mobile phone. An IT provider can ensure that each employee is in compliance and is protected through two-factor authentication.

Students and staff members should be informed not to use personal information such as their date of birth or addresses. They should also be instructed to log out of applications after use or employ a password protected screensaver when they leave their desk in order to discourage others from gaining access under their login.

Anti-Virus Protection

The internet is home to many threats, and an experienced IT support provider can give your school access to the latest anti-virus protection and advice. For example, before downloading any attachments, the anti-virus program will scan the document for any malicious software. If anything suspicious is found, the attachment will be prevented from downloading, the IT provider will be notified to investigate further and the end user will be made aware of this.

Keeping your data secure is essential in today’s environment and partnering with a specialist education ICT provider can help you avoid becoming a victim of a security breach, alongside a whole range of other benefits that are not possible with a small 1 or 2 person in-house support team.

Why schools and colleges need experienced ICT providers – where to find out more

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