Is Microsoft priced too high for education?

Is Microsoft priced too high for education?

Is Microsoft priced too high for education?

With an increasingly technologised world, it’s naturally crucial for educational institutions to adapt and modify the way they interact with their pupils. This is not only to ensure that students are learning efficiently and effectively, but also to ensure that teachers are engaging with them on a level they understand.

There is one major barrier when it comes to implementing IT solutions within schools and colleges: the difficulty and cost associated with executing enterprise-sized networks for often cash-strapped schools.

The costs of Microsoft’s solution

Microsoft Office 365 for educational use can be free for the most basic online applications, but for more advanced features, such as desktop apps and advanced security features, prices can be up to £5.30 a month for students and £7.00 a month for each faculty member. As it may be obvious, the monthly cost for a large college can easily run into the thousands; and that’s without the cost of using other companies’ software.

Add on top of this IT consultancy fees as well as the wages of full time IT staff and network managers, and it can in some cases seem to be a price too high to pay.

The benefits of implementing Microsoft Office

Thankfully although there is an ongoing cost involved, Microsoft is innovative. They offer free training and IT support for staff, as well as generous discounts on managed devices. They’ve curated and developed a wide range of software that can be used at any level and for any subject – so you’re not just paying for Microsoft Office, but a whole range of extraordinarily useful and engaging solutions to common educational problems.

For teachers, they offer the business analytics software Power BI for free, which can be used to track student progression and create personalised reports. Using their Teams software they can collaborate with other faculty staff in real-time.

In addition to this, they have a wide-ranging set of security features which not only protect staff and students from attack but also make it easy for IT staff to manage their network and adhere to data protection laws.

All in all, although there is a significant cost involved in setting up technological solutions in school and colleges, it is always worth investigating. It often offers a considerable range of additional benefits and, ultimately, companies – including Microsoft – want to make it as easy as possible to use their products and have spent decades ensuring that their solutions are perfect.


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