When technology stops you teaching – How ICT downtime can cause major issues in schools and colleges

There’s no doubt that education is seeing an amazing evolution when it comes to technology. With students that are more tech-savvy than ever, using educational tools that can keep up with their interests and style of working is important to ensure that your students are getting the best quality of learning possible. But when it comes to technology for education, what happens when that same advancement stops you from teaching? Here are just a few ways that ICT downtime can affect the quality of your teaching and learning, and how well your school or college runs.

Unavailable Resources

With cloud networks and virtual servers being rolled out to countless schools and colleges across the country, constant access to our teaching materials is more important than ever before – especially as it’s likely that no physical copy exists in-house, as a backup to your online resources should they become unavailable. Without those resources to hand, teaching certain topics – especially those where a visual explanation can be key – can become a difficult task.

Technology Dependency

Physical lesson plans are a thing of the past – so when it comes to planning and preparing for classes, it’s likely that everything will be done virtually; from test scores through to attendance. Downtime can prevent even the most basic safety implementations from being carried out effectively, leaving your pupils at risk, and can have a large impact on pre-prepared plans that rely on certain resources being available.

Administrative Issues

Even outside of the classroom, the majority of administration involved in managing and running schools or colleges will largely be based on the computer, with the majority of school and college offices now flying their ‘paperless’ flag with pride. ICT downtime does not just prevent admin tasks from being carried out, it can also mean being unable to contact parents, find information on a particular student or, depending on the system, even being able to answer the phone.

When it comes to ICT in schools and colleges, downtime can be devastating – so being able to pre-empt, and prevent, potential issues is of utmost importance for any educational facility. At MSC IT Solutions we can provide that peace of mind and keep your technology on the right track by providing pro-active monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ICT Downtime – Where to find out more

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