Our Clients

Great Service, Quick Response Time and 100% Resolution with Minimal Fuss

I would have no hesitation in recommending MSC IT Solutions to any school looking to have their IT systems supported and improved. After BSF came to an end we needed to transition from a full managed service to Co-Managed support to reduce costs whilst keeping the same high levels of support and service. They quickly familiarised themselves with our systems and knew exactly what they were doing throughout the whole transition. Our system is now streamlined and runs a lot smoother thanks to their monitoring and management systems.

MSC IT Solutions look after our infrastructure and systems associated with it very well, and if there is anything, we need sorting in terms of issues or problems, then their response time either on the telephone or through email is very quick. Mark and his team are always available, and get things sorted with the minimum of fuss. The best compliment I can give about them as a whole is that I wouldn’t look anywhere else to have our system looked after.

I’m enormously happy with the entire Co-Managed service MSC IT Solutions provide to us.

Julie Partington
Network Manager, The King David High School

I cannot speak highly enough of MSC IT Solutions and would encourage any school looking for support of this kind to get in touch with them today.

At the time we linked up with Mark and his team, it was a period of real confusion for us. We were partway through the Building Schools for the Future program, and the whole IT infrastructure needed to be upgraded.

The company that we were using initially wasn’t very co-operative, and there were a lot of issues that we were not making progress with.  When MCS IT Solutions came in, everything was mapped out for us. Mark quickly identified what we needed as a school, and he listened to the long term plans we had for the whole of our IT structure.

I would describe myself as a bit of an IT luddite, I know what I want from IT but sometimes I don’t have a clue to go about getting it.   Mark and his team took that problem away. They got away from the ‘geeky’ terminology that people like me don’t understand and described everything they were doing in layman’s terms.  They provided us with a strategic direction without over complicating things.

To meet a company like that is worth its weight in gold. They identified what we needed, and delivered it. It was also important for me personally that Mark and his team understood how we operated – Safeguarding measures need to be in place in class, staff may need to access systems from home, the importance of back-up on files can’t be underestimated, all those sorts of things are vital for us throughout the school.

We have had systems in place which haven’t been utilised in the past, we’ve embraced change and with the support from MSC IT Solutions – it’s as if we have moved into the 21st century. They have a real handle on what we need, which is visible throughout the whole team – and all the work is done with the curriculum in mind.

You can’t afford to have downtime in a school, so all the work is done out of hours or during holiday periods. Support is always on hand if we need anything looked at and the support team are always quick to act. I cannot speak highly enough of MSC IT Solutions and would encourage any school looking for support of this kind to get in touch with them today.

Stephen Hammond
Head Teacher, The English Martyrs School & Sixth Form College

Problems prevented before they happen & always on hand – We would be lost without the help and support of MSC IT Solutions

We chose to work with MSC IT Solutions because of their local knowledge and their particular interest in what we do as an Academy.  Things changed for us in terms of IT when the Building Schools for the future five-year project came to an end, but by linking up with Mark and his team the transition has been seamless, and we have been able to add to our system with their support.  MSC IT Solutions have full access to our site, and they are always on hand to help us when we need assistance.

24/7 monitoring and management systems allow them to keep a watchful eye on our system and alert us to any issues which may be forthcoming. In many cases, this has enabled us to prevent any problems before they have happened.

Another thing which has impressed us is the network of contacts Mark has throughout the sector. He adopts an honest approach, and on the rare occasions he is unable to help us, he can quickly put us in touch with someone who can. His knowledge is second to none, and as well as helping us maintain our system, Mark will often give us advice on how we can make improvements to make the service we provide more efficient.  This knowledge and attitude has been passed on to the whole team – who are all extremely friendly and approachable.

Our contract with the business will come to an end later this year, but I have already made it a priority to keep the relationship going moving forward as it is not exaggerating to say we would be lost without the help and support MSC IT Solutions give us.

Stuart Greig
Systems Manager, The Aspire Trust (Catcote Academy)

MSC IT Solutions have worked with us rather than around us, discovered issues we didn’t know existed and now guide us through the best process and source the best deals for us for all aspects of our ICT.

I first heard about MSC IT Solutions from our former headteacher who had worked with Mark and his team at his new school and sixth form college.

Our contract with our previous IT support provider had come to an end, so we put the contract out to tender. We invited MSC IT Solutions to apply and they were able to put their offer in front of us that way. The whole process was smooth and simple, with Mark attending all meetings personally and explaining how the business worked and how MSC could support us moving forward.

We didn’t have a lot of IT issues if I’m honest, but once Mark and his team got onboard we discovered some historical issues we didn’t know existed, which were quickly resolved with no fuss or disruption to the school.

The biggest benefit I have noticed is the superior level of support we are given. The team have worked with us, rather than around us, and that has directly impacted on the progression of the sole staff member we have in-house who supports out IT. He has benefited hugely from their experience and expertise, broadening his skill set to benefit not just himself, but the school also.

A great example of the flexibility MSC bring was when we had the ‘dreaded call’ from Ofsted. A member of their technical team came to school the next day to make sure there was always someone on hand to ensure everything was running smoothly.

Whenever any issues arise we can flag them up quickly from our end through their online ticketing system or over the telephone, but should we need any extra assistance they have proven that they can be on-site very quickly.

We have noticed that issues and calls have been reducing as the contract has gained momentum due to the way our systems are monitored 24/7. It is often the case that they identify a problem and rectify it before anyone in school notices and turns into a major issue that could affect our systems significantly, impacting the teaching and learning of our staff and students.

Since starting to work with MSC IT Solutions our systems run a lot more effectively and efficiently, and all of our staff who use it appear to have a lot more confidence than they had in the past.

Not only do we received great support from MSC, but they have also advised us on matters such as the renewal of contracts or licenses. In the past, we have paid certain fees and greater costs, just because we thought we had to. Mark and his team now guide us through the best process and source the best deals for us for all aspects of our ICT.
All in all, I’m delighted with the service provided by MSC IT Solutions. The service they offer is significantly better value than other businesses in the same sector, and I am sure the service they provide to St Aidan’s will be replicated to other schools who make the decision to work with them. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending MSC IT Solutions to other schools.

Kevin Shepherd
Head Teacher, St Aidan’s Catholic Academy

MSC IT Solutions are always there for us, and that has certainly made my life easier

We were part of a managed service which came to an end, and we needed to move to a new supplier to have our whole IT system managed.  We were put in touch with MSC IT Solutions and we were impressed with them from the very first meeting we had. Mark was friendly, he gave us a competitive price and more importantly, he knew what he was talking about.

The whole system was migrated across with the minimum of fuss and with no impact on what we do as a school. The fact that Mark and his team came along to various meetings when we explained exactly what we wanted from the system was a real help, they fully understood our requirements and didn’t waste any time getting things up and running. It was a seamless move.

The big thing I have to praise Mark and his team for is the way in which they respond to our requests for support. I would say they always get things resolved within the hour, but that could actually be doing them a disservice, as normally things are done within minutes. They are always there for us, and that has certainly made my life easier.

I can’t praise MSC IT Solutions highly enough, and I would fully recommend any school to get them on board because they have made such a huge difference to a vital part of our school.

Allison Millington
Deputy Head, Hartlepool PRU