New Build Consultancy

MSC IT Solutions are an established provider of outsourced professional IT services in the UK, with a wealth of resources and expertise to share. With a proven track record of providing ICT expertise within the education sector, our teams have built a reputation for providing value for money services focusing on transformation through the use of technology.

We have extensive experience of designing, procuring and installing effective, robust and reliable technology solutions that enable and empower our user communities to take full advantage of the benefits that ICT systems and solutions can provide.

We also have a detailed understanding of the challenges associated with both the construction and education sectors. As such, we always have an eye on cost whilst ensuring that our designs are fit for purpose, aligned to industry standards, easy to maintain and built to last.

Enhancing the new build and refurbishment of schools with best in class ICT solutions

Never before has ICT played such a vital role in teaching, learning and the life of a school or college. This is why it is so important to get the ICT infrastructure design and delivery right when a new school is built or a major refurbishment takes place.

At MSC IT Solutions we have a highly experienced team that focuses exclusively on the design, implementation and support of ICT infrastructure. We believe that any new build or refurbishment education project should also improve the quality of life for the staff and pupils who use those buildings.

In schools this means not only providing the passive and active network required to support the school’s data, and telephony systems; but also providing a solution which will be able to embrace future technology and enhance the user experience, enabling staff and pupils to remain connected via both school and personal devices on any part of the school site.

By using the MSC IT Solutions team as part of your construction project, you will gain access to:

  • A team highly experienced in construction within the education sector, including years of experience in BSF, Free School and Priority Build (PBSP) programmes.
  • Bidding support from feasibility / PITT stage.
  • A fully integrated team covering all aspects of the project.
  • An ICT provider with over 15 years’ experience in delivering best of breed technologies into the education market.
  • A trusted advisor that takes problems away by putting the right solution in place on time and to budget.
  • The ability to offer a proposition where every aspect of the project is designed and delivered by the same team.
  • Access to DfE recognised procurement frameworks to keep all ICT costs extremly competitive.

Value Added Services

As an partner of MSC IT Solutions we offer multiple value added services to each individual project, including but not limited to the below:

  • Provide detailed cost breakdown of DfE budget at PITT stage for Active & Passive infrastructure – Providing indication if ICT budget is feasible at an early stage.
  • Assist the more non-technical design team members on Active & Passive ICT integration by providing informative workshops for key construction partner staff, or appointed M & E contractors, to explain the ICT elements of projects; making it easy to understand for technical and none technical staff alike.
  • Advise the building contractor on what ICT works should sit within M&E packages, and with the ICT packages to get the best value from DfE budgets. This will result in a more efficient design and cost savings at bidding and deployment stages which ultimately means less risk.
  • Undertake site surveys to identify / resolve any unforeseen issues .
  • Act as ICT liaison between the building contractor, the appointed M&E contractor, the School’s ICT team / School’s third party ICT Supplier, DfE ICT Advisor and the local authority